When families want to expand in a non-traditional manner, they may consider doing so by adopting a child. Adoption is a wonderful tool that connects a child with his or her new family. It is important that anyone who is considering adopting a child understands all of their options for doing so. There are many different types of adoption, each of which has its own complexities. Some forms of adoption include the following:

  • Domestic adoption within the United States. Families will need to take into consideration the various adoption laws that each state has if adopting a child from out of your home state.
  • International adoption. The adoptive family must determine any complexities due to the child’s immigration into the United States, whether the child’s country is part of the Hague convention, and what that country’s other adoption laws require of the adoptive parents.
  • Step-parent adoptions. These may require a child’s other biological parent to give up their rights as a parental figure.
  • Private adoptions. Without the help of an agency, a family can adopt a child from a parent that they typically already know.

It is important that anyone considering the adoption of a child does so with the help of an experienced family law attorney. As exciting as this time is for a family, it is important that they have an attorney to help them overcome any obstacles that may arise.

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