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When a person wants to have legal documentation that someone is the father of their child, or if that person wants to prove that they are the father, they will have to establish paternity. There are many situations where there is no father listed on the child’s birth certificate because the parents were not married at the time of the child’s birth. It is important to establish paternity for a number of reasons that may include creating a child support order that can assist one parent in providing for the child and for obtaining health insurance or other benefits.

There are a few ways that paternity can be established and of course, it depends on the particular relationship that exists between the child’s parents. In a situation where the parents are unmarried but the father does, in fact, agree that he is the father of the child, he may establish paternity by signing Certificate of Parentage, or a COP. This can be signed in a registrar’s office for your county or at the hospital on the day the child is born, given that the father is present at the time of the birth.

There may be also situations in which a person does not believe that they are the father of the child. If this matter is contested, the court or county office can order that the possible parent takes a genetic DNA test. This test will prove legally that this person is or is not the father of the child. If you have questions about establishing paternity in New Jersey, contact an experienced family law attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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