Upon declaring divorce, spouses will have to go through the process to have decisions made regarding marital issues. When an uncontested divorce occurs, spouses can go through mediation in order to make decisions for their marital issues. This can prove to be beneficial since it can be quicker and less costly than going through litigation proceedings. Mediation allows individuals to make decisions for themselves. During these sessions, spouses are able to bring their own attorneys to assist them throughout the process. This can help them get through the process more efficiently. Their skilled attorneys can guide them through the process.

How long does mediation take?

Mediation is done at the pace that the spouses set. They are able to take as long as they need for the whole process, including as many sessions as they need. Since this is the reality of mediation sessions, it may be more beneficial to engage in mediation rather than get involved in court proceedings. Mediation may prove to be a quicker, easier process since court proceedings can be time-consuming and often drawn out. Instead of causing a longer divorce process, spouses can enter mediation sessions knowing that they control the pace of the process. Since they control the pace, it may also prove to be less costly than court. Legal fees can pile up. With a shorter process, spouses can save money and save their time as well.

Since mediation requires the cooperation of both parties involved, it can be a difficult process. It may not work for everyone. Some couples may not be able to have productive conversations that work toward a final compromise on issues. This can make it nearly impossible to proceed with mediation. Couples should opt for mediation sessions to work together. If they cannot do that, they may not be able to reach compromises on these issues that are important to their future and their family. Since they may not be able to work together anymore, they may have to enter into litigation. In litigation, a judge can decide on marital issues for them. A judge considers many factors when making these decisions for couples. They may have to decide on child custody arrangements, child support, the division of assets and more. Mediation can be ended at any time to make sure that it is not a waste of time for the parties involved in the sessions.

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