One of the biggest concerns when a couple files for divorce is the price tag that comes along with dissolving a marriage. Some people stay in bad marriages because they fear that they cannot afford to pay the legal fees associated with them. This can become dangerous for anyone who may be in an abusive marriage and they decide to stay, which may even be life threatening.

If you cannot afford to pay legal fees for a divorce, you may request that the judge rule that your spouse cover the costs of your legal fees. If you can prove that your spouse makes significantly more money than you, the judge may approve your request. They may not approve your spouse to pay all of your legal fees, it may only be a portion, but some is still better than nothing. If the court feels as though you are walking away from the divorce with a considerable amount of the assets that existed in the marriage, it is less likely that they will make your spouse pay for your legal fees as well.

These decisions are made on a case by case basis and therefore, you should not go into court expecting that they will agree to have your spouse pay your legal fees. You can discuss with your divorce attorney the particular circumstances of your case and they may be able to tell you if it is worth bringing up in court and what your chances of success in this matter may be.

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