Not an Oxymoron:  Collaborative Divorce is an intelligent and dignified alternative to the traditional divorce process, gaining ground in New Jersey, and now available in Sussex County.  There is a better option to traditional litigation.

Collaborative Divorce is a cost-effective, confidential and emotionally healthier alternative to litigation.  In Collaborative Divorce, children are the priority and focus is on respectful future family relationships.  Parties do not go to court until they have an agreement resolving all their issues.  This process includes a commitment not to litigate.

Both parties are represented by a lawyer of their own choosing who offer traditional support, protection and guidance, but who are specifically trained in the collaborative process.  Rather than battling in a courtroom, settlement negotiations take place in meetings with both spouses, their lawyers, and any other joint professionals the case may require.  Collaboratively trained child specialists, financial specialists, divorce coaches along with other professionals work as a team to help the parties decide the best possible outcomes for their families.  Decisions are not left to a judge, rather self-determination is an important hallmark of Collaborative Divorce.  The structured setting encourages trust and objectivity in negotiations with minimal antagonism.

Since Collaborative Divorce is a confidential process, if it fails, the parties must start over with new attorneys.  Therefore, both parties must have the mindset to settle their case for the right reasons.   The collaborative process will not fulfill a party’s desire for vengeance or retribution.  Both parties must believe they can restore enough trust in the other to achieve a successful outcome.

For most divorcing couples, the collaborative approach holds the greatest promise for both parties and their family to begin the next chapter of their lives with a healthy and strong foundation.

Amy F. Gjelsvik, Esq. is a partner with Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC located at 48 Sparta Avenue in Sparta, New Jersey  07871.  She can be reached at 973-726-0555 if you are interested in Collaborative Divorce, or for your other divorce and family law needs.