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Child custody can be complex no matter what. However, some matters are especially difficult to tackle. Read on to learn more about the most complex child custody matters you may face in New Jersey.

Child relocation

Relocating with your child after a divorce can be difficult. If you share custody with your child’s other parent, you may have to stay in the same state, or even within a certain distance from your child’s other parent. If you wish to relocate with your child outside of the established boundaries, you will need permission from your co-parent. If he or she does not give permission, you will need permission from the court. However, this can be difficult to obtain, as you must prove that the move will be beneficial to your child. Some examples of a beneficial move include:

  • You are relocating to a safer area
  • You are relocating to be closer to extended family to help care for your child
  • You are relocating to move away to protect your child
  • You are relocating for a higher-paying job to financially benefit you and your child

It is important to know that leaving the state with your child without permission can be seen as kidnapping and/or child endangerment, so it is incredibly important that you go through the proper legal channels when moving with your child.

Parental alienation

Parental alienation occurs when a parent attempts to damage the child’s relationship with his or her other parent. This can include badmouthing the other parent, attempting to keep the child from spending time with the other parent, and more. Sometimes parental alienation can be subtle, and other times it can involve blatant manipulation. In any case, parental alienation can be dangerous, as it can have a serious impact on the child. For example, parental alienation can severely damage a child’s relationship with both parents and result in childhood trauma. Some signs to look out for include changes in your child’s behavior. In some cases, a child may be withdrawn around the targeted parent, or even become violent toward him or her. If you believe you and your child are a victim of parental alienation, reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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