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In a divorce, the division of property could become a big issue.  The couple wants their fair share of what they are entitled to, but sometimes getting there can be an uphill battle.  Hiring an expert can help the couple get what is rightfully theirs. An expert should also be an unbiased third party to ensure that the interests of both spouses are met.

Do I Need an Expert for my Divorce?

If you and your spouse own property together, it may be a good idea to get an expert to help with the division of the property.  Experts in valuation are able to give the divorcing couple a better idea of how much either may be entitled to when the property is divided.

Using an Expert for Property Valuation

During the marriage, many couples purchase a marital residence.  Since it was purchased during the marriage, it may be subject to division among the spouses.  An expert, such as a real estate appraiser, may be able to testify as to the value of the property and which portion of the property you each may be entitled to.

Using an Expert for Business Valuation

An expert can also be beneficial if you or your spouse owns a business.  An expert that can can determine a valuation of the business can be a CPA or an accountant, for example. The expert can help determine if a spouse is entitled to any part of the business through the divorce.  An expert may also be beneficial to make sure that the spouse is not hiding any assets in the business.

If you seek assistance with your divorce, you should contact an experienced divorce attorney.

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