Often, when it comes to divorce, the couple is facing a very complicated matter. It isn’t easy for a couple who has completely merged so many aspects of their lives to divide it and start life as a single person all over again. This can be even more complicated when the couple that is getting divorced has a combined value of over a million dollars in assets and money. High net worth divorces require the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney that understands the added layer of difficulty that these divorces face.

High net worth divorces are different than other divorces because the couple has so much on the line. Of course, the couple will still have to consider the same factors as everyone else, such as child support, child custody, the division of assets, and spousal support. However, these matters are just more complex when the couple’s net worth is very high. Often, the equitable distribution process is the most difficult aspect of a high net worth divorce. This is because the couple may have to address complexities such as multiple real estate properties, possessions of a very high value, professional practices, and successful businesses.

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