The Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) is an agency that resolves issues involving the well-being of children. They can become involved in situations with biological parents, foster parents or children within other protective services. Through this system, children are supposed to be protected and kept out of harm’s way. DYFS works to check up on children that may not be in the best situations. They make visits to ensure the child’s safety in a particular environment and that they have healthy relationships with those around them. However, in systems like this, mistakes are made. It can be difficult to keep up with the overwhelming amount of cases. If you know of someone in the foster care system that is being abused or mistreated, contact us for legal advice and representation during this matter.

What do I do if I suspect a child in foster care is being abused?

When children are placed in foster care, it can have an impactful effect on their life. If you have seen any signs that they are in danger or poor health, it is best to report it. However, if you believe the Division of Youth and Family Services is not doing anything to help then you should contact an attorney. An attorney can help examine the situation more closely and provide you with options. At our firm, we have seen many cases where an adult has been concerned about the life of a child they know in foster care. This child could be a family member or a family friend that was placed in the system. As compassionate individuals that have legal skills, we want to help provide a better environment for these children.

Children in foster care may face a variety of difficult situations. They can face physical abuse, sexual abuse, malnourishment, neglect or unsafe living conditions. Although foster care is supposed to be a system set up to benefit them, no system is perfect. There are flaws. When these situations are present, it is important to acknowledge them. Not only is it important for that child’s safety, it is vital in improving the situation for the next child as well.

Before a child is placed in a home with foster parents, there is an investigation to ensure the responsible nature of these adults. However, sometimes these investigations may not be thorough enough or they just may not bring up any evidence against the adults. Due to this, a child may not be presented with the best situation. If you believe this to be the case, contact our attorneys. We can pursue a further investigation into the matter and bring the case to the attention of DYFS. Children deserve to live in a healthy and safe environment. Let us help look out for them.

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