money divorce contract

Often in New Jersey divorces, one spouse may be ordered by the court to make support payments to the other spouse. This typically happens when there is a significant gap in the incomes of each party or if one of the spouses will not be able to support themselves financially after the divorce. Of course, spousal support or alimony is not required in all divorces. However, in those that do involve a spousal support award, the party that is required to make the payments often wonders just how long they may be obligated to do so.

One of the main factors in determining the duration of a spousal support award is the length of the marriage. Marriages that lasted at least 20 years often call for open durational alimony, which does not assign an end date at the time of the award. Typically, these obligations end when there is a significant change in circumstances down the road such as loss of employment or remarriage by the party receiving support.

However, in limited duration alimony awards, the court will usually assign an end date based on the length of the marriage. Spousal support usually does not exceed the length of the marriage.

If you have questions about spousal support, it is best to discuss your situation with an experienced divorce attorney.

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