What is Pendente Lite Relief?

When a divorce is initiated, your attorney may request pendent lite relief.  Essentially, this is a temporary order that sets the rules while the divorce is pending.  In order to get pendente lite relief, an attorney must file a motion with the court requesting that certain issues but addressed while the divorce is ongoing.  Some of these issues may include, but are not limited to:

  • child support;
  • child custody;
  • alimony;
  • visitation;
  • who will reside in the family home; and/or
  • who will be responsible to pay which debts.

Why May Pendente Lite Relief Be Beneficial?

All too often, divorces can be quite acrimonious.  Since divorcing spouses lead with their emotions, they may do things that can negatively affect the other spouse or that may be spiteful.  Pendente lite relief can make sure that the spouses act accordingly and do not interfere with each other in a negative way.  One example of how pendente lite relief could be beneficial is if one spouse, who was responsible for bills, suddenly decides that he or she will no longer pay the mortgage.  The relief will help to make sure that the spouse is keeping up with their responsibility to pay that bill.  Another example could be if the spouse who handles finances suddenly blocks the other spouse from accessing funds from their joint marital bank account.  Pendent lite relief can help make sure that the spouses have access to their respective share of funds.  Pendente lite relief can also help make sure that parenting issues are addressed so as to make sure the children have as much normalcy during the divorce as possible.

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