There is nothing worse than being surprised by a divorce. Unfortunately, it happens, though when it does, spouses are often left in the dust, scrambling to keep up. This can be an extremely precarious situation, as they are left little time to prepare, and are therefore at a disadvantage from the very beginning. That is why if you are ready to file, it is best you do so sooner, rather than later.

Additionally, when you are the one to file first, it usually means that you took the time to find the best attorney for you. A lot is at stake in a divorce, including your child custody/support terms and your hard-earned assets. That is why it is so important you hire an experienced, compassionate, yet aggressive and persistent attorney that knows how to fight for the outcome you desire and need. If your spouse surprises you with a divorce, you may have to hire the first attorney you speak to, as you will have to rush to keep up.

It is also worth noting that divorces are very often conducted in the jurisdiction in which they were filed, so if your spouse is currently residing in a different state and he or she files first, you may be the one that has to do all the traveling for divorce proceedings. Though we do not know your personal schedule and set of daily responsibilities, we believe it safe to say you have better things to do.

Lastly, filing for divorce first gives you a chance to get all your legal documents filled out and in order in a timely fashion, as well as potentially establish a budget for your future life as a single individual. Fortunately, both an attorney, as well as a financial analyst, can help you effectively do both of these things so you have the confidence you need going into your divorce. Additionally, many spouses establish a line of credit, as well as file temporary restraining orders against their spouses before filing. When you file a TRO, you freeze your accounts, prohibiting your spouse from lending or borrowing money, as well as preventing him or her from adjusting or changing retirement terms, investments, or insurance policies.

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