Divorce is often a very difficult and emotional time for everyone involved. Many people facing divorce are also wary about having their case handled in a courtroom. What many people don’t realize is that divorces don’t have to take place in a courtroom if the couple can work together to come to decisions on their own through a process known as mediation.

When a couple gets divorced through mediation, they experience a lot of benefits that couples having a litigated divorce may not have. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. You and your spouse, with the help of a mediator, will work through all relevant marital issues. When a couple mediates their divorce they can do so in a timely manner. While litigation can last far beyond a year, mediation can conclude within a few sessions. Many times, the couple will wait longer for the Final Judgment of Divorce than it takes to resolve their relevant matters. Mediation also saves a lot of money. Time is money and litigation takes quite a while to conclude. In many cases, the court will explore the practicality of ADR to save money themselves. Mediation is a voluntary process that is confidential. It is important to be able to speak freely about marital issues and mediation allows that. When a couple chooses the process and feels comfortable talking about important issues, the results are often more bearable. Probably the most significant benefit to mediation is the mitigating effects on the family. When a couple engages in mediation, they model healthy dispute resolution methods for their children while setting aside animosity for the greater good of the family. For many, the choice to avoid a battle allows them to forge a new relationship to be used for a cooperative parental structure.

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