divorcing couple

Unfortunately, divorces are anything but uncommon, with over half of marriages ending in divorce in the United States of America. Some couples respond to adversity throughout the course of a marriage differently compared to others. While some are able to overcome problems that may arise, others may run into differences or issues that simply can not be reconciled. But what kind of problems can possibly leave couples with no other option but divorce? Depending on the circumstances of the situation, this can vary tremendously. There are all sorts of reasons couples end up getting divorced, none of them any less valid than the others. Regardless of what your reasons might be, if you are thinking of pursuing a divorce with your spouse, please reach out to the Sparta divorce attorneys at Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation.

Are financial disagreements a common reason couples get divorced?

Perhaps one of the most significant causes of conflict between couples is financial disagreements. Arguments over financial issues are common among spouses, but these types of disagreements can very easily escalate into one of the strongest indicators of a potential divorce. Money certainly is not everything, but deciding on personal finances can cause a lot of stress leading to friction and resentment between spouses.

Financial issues can encompass a wide variety of things, ranging from a difference of opinion on joint spending habits to more long-term commitments. While struggling to afford basic necessities or paying off substantial debts can be very problematic for couples, it does not necessarily always have to be as serious as that. Sometimes it can be as simple as a disagreement over lifestyle choices, where either the frugal or irresponsible day-to-day spending of one spouse is not compatible with the other. Planning for the future can also lead to a build-up of tension, where differences in financial goals to reach and retirement plans can be the final issue that pushes a marriage past its limits. Regardless of what it may be, financial disagreements can be a strong factor for couples pursuing a divorce.

Is domestic abuse a common reason couples get divorced?

Experiencing domestic abuse from a spouse can certainly lay the groundwork for terminating a marriage. However, while some may think only abuse of a physical nature is considered real abuse, that is not the case. Domestic abuse can be a singular incident, or a pattern of incidents, where one spouse exhibits violent, controlling, coercive, threatening, or degrading behavior.

This can include all sorts of abuse such as verbal or financial abuse, and it does not have to be exclusively between couples. If the abuse is being directed at a child or any family member, that may be enough for a spouse to seek a divorce. This is certainly one of the more serious reasons for couples to get divorced; such cases can result in trauma that may require professional help.