What Are the Outcomes of DCPP Investigations in New Jersey?

  • When the division did confirm that there was an act or omission that constituted child abuse or neglect they decide if it is substantiated or established.
  • There are two non-child abuse findings which are not established and unfounded. These findings have been changed in recent years and they remain largely unlitigated by the courts.
  • A substantiated finding, which is a child abuse finding, means that the person who substantiated will be included in the DYFS Central Registry.
  • The other finding is an established finding, also a child abuse finding, is not entitled to any administrative due process.
  • The other findings are not established which means that the division did conclude that there was some risk of harm to the child but it did not rise to the level of child abuse or neglect.
  • The last finding is unfounded which means that there was no indication that there actually was any child abuse, neglect, or risk.