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The spread of the Coronavirus throughout the state of New Jersey and the rest of the country has led people to live very different lives than normal. Currently, everyday life involves self distancing and possible quarantines/hospitalizations. When facing such an uncertain matter in our lives, it is important to have a plan in place to ensure your family is protected should the virus affect you. Many divorced parents may assume that, should they become sick, their former spouse would simply care for their kids. However, what happens if they are unable to themselves? It is because of this that there are certain steps that can be taken to ensure your children are looked after in the event of illness in your family.

All families should have a plan in place before the virus has any chance of affecting them. This ensures they are prepared before the virus may strike instead of trying to catch up. It is because of this that a power of attorney should be established, naming a legal guardian who can take care of your children if you become sick and your ex-spouse cannot take them in either. In these situations, a Limited Power of Attorney may be the best choice because it gives another person rights to act in certain areas within a time limit, including becoming a legal guardian during the Coronavirus outbreak. Without this, parents who are unable to care for their children may need a relative to be appointed as kinship legal guardian by the court.

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