When spouses decide to go through a divorce, there are many options available to them. Each process involves the high emotional level of both parties. However, collaborative divorce can be a good choice for you. This option encourages spouses to work together to come to a satisfactory conclusion for both. With this option, partners can avoid the courtroom and minimize fighting with one another.

Collaborative divorce brings together both spouses with their attorneys to discuss terms of a divorce agreement. This agreement includes negotiations regarding spousal support, child support, child custody, the division of assets and anything else that is relevant to the marriage. By discussing marital issues in a private way rather than in a public courtroom, spouses can be more honest with one another. This may help ease the process by making it quicker and less stressful.

Before entering into a discussion regarding the divorce proceedings, both spouses and attorneys sign a participation agreement in order to ensure their cooperation throughout the course of the meetings. If these meetings were to be unsuccessful, the attorneys involved are not allowed to represent the clients in litigation. This helps to ensure that attorneys do not push clients to take legal action rather than solve the situation more amicably.

If the couple wishes, there is a team of professionals that are available to include in the discussions regarding the terms of their divorce agreement. This can introduce a child specialist, a financial specialist or a collaborative divorce coach to the conversation. All these people are there to make you and your spouse more comfortable. With their specialties in mind, they can help to advise the best outcome for you and your spouse.

While collaborative divorce is not for everyone, it can prove to be very beneficial. By taking a divorce to court, it makes an already difficult time even harder. In court, families cannot control what happens. The final outcome is out of your control. This can result in an unfavorable conclusion for both parties.

In order to see if collaborative divorce can work for you, consult a professional. They can help guide you in the right direction for your situation.

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