Benefits of Mediation

When divorcing couples seek the dissolution of marriage through the legal system, it is not uncommon for serious disagreements on family law matters to complicate the entire process. Family law matters are overwhelming and most people cannot overcome their feelings to see the cost of court battles on the family, financially and emotionally. Disputes regarding spousal support, child support and custody, and the division of assets must be addressed in the most cost-effective manner possible. Fortunately, some are able to work together to come to an amicable conclusion for their matter that lessens the negative impact on the whole family. When families use mediation, the outcome is usually cordial and always more cost-effective than a court case.

At the Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC, our compassionate attorneys have extensive experience in nearly all aspects of family law. Our clients approach us with concerns for a large variety of family law matters. Most often, the disputes that divorcing spouses face can be resolved by working together in a collaborative manner. Schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at our firm to learn more about the divorce and family law mediation process.


Even with the realization that a marriage is coming to an end, many divorcing couples wish to reach a peaceful resolution to their disputes. By avoiding an adversarial relationship, the two parties can ensure that the mediation and negotiation process remains positive, respectful, and effective. Mediation is the method of dispute resolution where both parties and their attorneys come together before a neutral third party. The mediator will guide the discussion and attempt to reach a conclusion that is fair and equitable. We can either represent clients through the mediation process or act as the neutral mediator. When a couple engages in the mediation process:

  • They save time and money
  • They are often happier with the results
  • They save the emotional toll on themselves and the family
  • They are able to retain control over their future

Whatever your case, it is in your best interests to consider mediation in order to resolve your issues and end your marriage. Even though you may be divorcing, these tough times affect everyone involved. In particular, cases with children deserve a softer touch when resolving disputes.

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