Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is common in the United States. Over 50% of marriages end in divorce and those cases can often become heated and painful. Under the right circumstances, some couples agree that they want a divorce that has an amicable conclusion free of emotional turmoil or a drawn-out court battle. If both parties can come to an agreement on all the major issues that a divorce must address, they may be able to have an uncontested divorce. Even though both parties want an easy and quick divorce, consulting an attorney and having representation is recommended. If the parties disagree on even one term, the uncontested divorce might become contested, leading to a court case and expenses both parties were trying to avoid. Our experienced attorneys at Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC understand your goals and through collaborative law and mediation, we will be able to guide you through your uncontested divorce and help you move on to a better situation. Contact Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC for a consultation today.

Uncontested divorces can become contested

There are a few instances where an uncontested divorce may become contested. If a spouse files for a “fault” divorce and the other party disagrees, they could find themselves in a contested case over the grounds utilized for the divorce. Other times, it is very easy for the issues that must be addressed to become contested. For a couple to continue the process of an uncontested divorce, they must come to an agreement on every aspect of the divorce. These include:

Complications can easily derail the process and land a couple in court. It is recommended that both parties seek counsel that has their goals and best interests in mind. One should choose an attorney that doesn’t push for litigation. An attorney dedicated to their client’s wishes can review documents, negotiate terms, and counsel their client towards an amicable conclusion.

Mediation saves time and money

If you are interested in an amicable dissolution of your marriage, mediation might be the right option for you. Through mediation, all issues a divorce must address will be discussed and agreed upon. Couples are more likely to achieve a common goal that is easier to accept because the fate of their lives is in their hands. Not only are the separating parties happier with the outcome, both time and money are saved in the process. If you are interested in mediation to solve your issues related to the divorce, contact Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC today.

Contact a Sussex County firm that has your wishes in mind

Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC cares about your vision of an amicable dissolution of the marriage. If our clients can end a marriage uncontested, we serve that need. It is always in your best interests to contact an attorney when inquiring about the divorce process. Our firm has years of experience with divorce law. We are always ready to guide our clients towards the uncontested divorce they wish to have. Our firm is available to assess your situation and help you achieve your goal of an uncontested divorce. Contact Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC today for a consultation.