DYFS Litigation

The Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS), also recently known as DCP&P, is an agency dedicated to resolving issues regarding the well-being of children, whether with their biological parents or in foster care and other protective services. While the system is intended to protect children from dangerous situations and living environments, it can sometimes lead to severe danger and harm to the child. DYFS, like any state-run organization, is not flawless. Unfortunately, foster care has a history of problems. Over the course of its existence, DYFS has forced New Jersey to pay out millions of dollars in damages because of neglect in the foster care system. In 2011, New Jersey paid $7 million dollars to settle a lawsuit related to the neglect of 3 children in a Trenton, New Jersey foster house. These children and every child in the system deserve quality legal representation that has their best interests in mind. Contact Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC for a consultation today.

Fighting for children in foster care

At Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC, we are committed to the fight that supports children who are at risk of danger or neglect in the DYFS system. We handle claims and suits against the agency, foster parents or other adults working the system after a child has been abused or harmed. Many times, concerned adults in the child’s life, such as family members or family friends, approach us on behalf of a child they suspect is being or was abused in his or her foster care situation. All too often, abuse will be taking place in the foster home and the agency will fail to diligently look into signs that point to the abuse. This can include:

  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • malnourishment
  • neglect
  • unsafe living conditions

Many times, DYFS did not properly investigate the foster parents before placing the child. Our attorneys will intervene immediately, thoroughly investigating the home and the conditions the child lived under as well as the abuse that the child endured. We will determine whether DYFS should have recognized the abuse that was occurring and was negligent to intervene and protect the child. Many times, the child, another child or an adult close to the child will have reported the abuse, but DYFS failed to adequately follow up or look into the matter.

Contact an attorney passionate about their community

At Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC, we are an active part of the community. We feel it is our responsibility to act on behalf of children at risk in the system.  We are committed to the justice for these children, holding the agency accountable when abuse occurs and should have been prevented, and building a claim against the responsible parties on our client’s behalf. If you suspect a child in your life has been abused or neglected while in the DYFS system, contact our firm immediately. Do not sit idly by while you suspect something is wrong. Allow our Sparta firm to fight for the child’s cause and guide them towards the better life they deserve. Contact Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC today.