Former President of the New Jersey Bar Association

Welcome to Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC. We serve Sparta, Sussex County, and the greater New Jersey area with quality legal services and compassionate counsel.  When you are facing the family court system, the guidance of a skilled legal professional can be invaluable. Our firm has been a trusted legal resource to the community for many years. Our passionate firm is ready to assess your case, guide you through your options, and effectively represent you in a variety of legal matters.

New Jersey Family Law and Divorce Attorneys

At Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys have dedicated years of experience and skill to serving our clients with diligent counsel and extensive representation in all forms of family law. As skilled mediators and accomplished trial attorneys, we feel confident in our ability to represent clients no matter the complexity of their cases.

If you are facing a divorce or a serious family law matter, our Sparta divorce lawyers are equipped with the strategic and knowledgeable approach that can achieve the best possible outcome for your family. We offer all clients personalized attention and availability that eases the stress of dealing with legal matters while we work towards the best possible conclusion.

Our Practice Areas

Divorce and Separation

When a marriage is not working and couples have irreconcilable differences, they might inquire about a divorce or separation. These issues can be complicated and emotional ordeals. Having the right representation with your best interests in mind is always recommended. Picking the right attorney can mean the difference between a short and painless divorce and an emotionally-driven court battle. Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC has years of experience with divorce and separation issues. Our focus on family law allows us to offer clients a wealth of knowledge and effective counsel with proven results.

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Family Law Issues

Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC provides skilled and experienced representation to clients throughout Sussex County and New Jersey. We understand that the outcome of these matters will frame your personal life and your relationship with your children far into the future. We take that responsibility seriously and work tenaciously to protect your interests throughout the course of your family law case. If you are facing a family law matter, we recommend that you act to protect yourself and your interests by contacting a skilled lawyer. Allow our firm to review your case, guide you through your options, and help you arrive at the best possible conclusion to your family law matter.

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When divorcing couples seek the dissolution of marriage through the legal system, it is not uncommon for serious disagreements to complicate the entire process. Family law matters are overwhelming and most people cannot overcome their feelings to see the cost of court battles on the family, financially and emotionally. Fortunately, some are able to work together to come to an amicable conclusion for their matter. When families use mediation, the outcome is usually cordial and almost always more cost-effective than a court case.

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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative law is a growing movement in divorce options. People are learning about the benefits of avoiding litigation and turning to Collaborative Divorce as an alternative. Collaborative Divorce is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution where a couple works together to come to an agreement on the marital issues left unresolved. Once complete, they will be left with a Separation Agreement that can be used to file for divorce. Especially when a family is at stake, cooperation has never been more important.

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  • Paris P. Eliades, Esq.

    Paris P. Eliades, Esq. celebrates an esteemed reputation in New Jersey. His history of service to the state is unmatched. Mr. Eliades vigorously advocates for clients facing a wide range of legal matters, providing an honest assessment and unique perspective to their cases.

    In addition, he also worked with other attorneys and legislators in Trenton as the former president of the New Jersey Bar Association. As the president, he helped enhance the lives of attorneys and New Jersey residents through the inception of the Lawyers in Transition Committee and the Unmet Legal Needs Committee, which continues to be a resource for New Jersey today. Mr. Eliades also currently acts as the Municipal Court Judge for the towns of Sparta & Hardyston, New Jersey.

    Mr. Eliades is honored to continue his service to New Jersey, working with his hand-picked legal team, helping clients in a wide range of legal matters.Read More

  • Amy F. Gjelsvik, Esq.
  • Adrianna Altamirano Jones, Esq.
  • Mary K. Benson, Esq.
  • Hon. James A. Farber, (Ret.)

Reviews From Our Clients

Paris and his team always had my back. He was always 2 steps ahead of my ex wife's attorney. He was always there to guide me, and called me out when I made mistakes. Paris always tells it like it is. No beating around the bush. I would absolutely recommend him and I would absolutely use him again. He got the best possible outcome for my boys and I.- Gene

I began my divorce proceedings with a lawyer who only concerned himself with separating the client from his or her money and drag out the divorce to that end. I fired that lawyer and hired Paris P. Eliades, Esq., who is the exact opposite of the first lawyer. Mr. Eliades strives to complete divorce proceedings as efficiently as possible, always with an eye to saving his client paying unnecessary monies…- Anonymous

I don’t know where to begin as far as explaining how glad I am that I chose Paris to represent me in a stressful, complicated divorce. In a field that seems ripe with lawyers trying to drag things out in an effort to heighten their fees, Paris stands out as one of the huge exceptions. When a friend recommended that I use Paris for my divorce, she told me that…- Charlene

I worked with Paris and his firm for my divorce. My ex was extremely litigious and Paris did a great job protecting me and bringing about the most positive and expeditious conclusion possible.- Anonymous

After learning of my husband’s Adultery in 2015, I went to see Paris Eliades to discuss a divorce. As this was a difficult time for me, Paris expressed his sympathy and was very patient with me, listening to my situation and hardships. Even though I was disoriented and emotional throughout the process, it was a relief knowing Mr. Eliades, a well-known attorney, was representing me during these difficult times. As…- Vera

I hired Mr. Eliades as my Divorce Trial Attorney that concluded with a Final Judgment of Divorce ruling. We spent a great deal of time together throughout a very lengthy process (4 years) that included witness testimony, employability experts, child custody experts and countless motions. Throughout the process Mr. Eliades handled the court and my concerns as one would expect from an experienced attorney. A Divorce Trial should be avoided…- Patrick

I came to see Mr. Eliades in August of 2012. He sat with me and gave me an honest game plan for my divorce. He was honest enough to tell me the truth and what he can and can’t do. He quoted me a price and told me to think about my divorce and what he said. I then decided to go with an attorney in Hudson County. The attorney…- Sam

Mr. Eliades exemplifies the term “Counselor at Law”. Atypical for his field, Mr. Eliades understands how to best represent his client’s interests while managing expectations. He is a fierce defender of his clients, while always taking the higher ground and without succumbing to the drama prevalent in so many matrimonial suits. His methodology of practice had earned him the respect and trust of each court that he appears before and…- Donna

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