Best in the business

"Paris and his team always had my back. He was always 2 steps ahead of my ex wife's attorney. He was always there to guide me, and called me out when I made mistakes. Paris always tells it like it is. No beating around the bush. I would absolutely recommend him and I would absolutely use him again. He got the best possible outcome for my boys and I."- Gene

This is the attorney you want.

"I began my divorce proceedings with a lawyer who only concerned himself with separating the client from his or her money and drag out the divorce to that end. I fired that lawyer and hired Paris P. Eliades, Esq., who is the exact opposite of the first lawyer. Mr. Eliades strives to complete divorce proceedings as efficiently as possible, always with an eye to saving his client paying unnecessary monies towards that end. Mr. Eliades is always prepared in court, unlike some other attorneys I have observed. He and his staff are competent and knowledgeable regarding their jobs and responsibilities to their client. I recommend Mr. Eliades highly if you are in need of his services."- Anonymous

Paris Eliades

"I don’t know where to begin as far as explaining how glad I am that I chose Paris to represent me in a stressful, complicated divorce. In a field that seems ripe with lawyers trying to drag things out in an effort to heighten their fees, Paris stands out as one of the huge exceptions. When a friend recommended that I use Paris for my divorce, she told me that I needed a “pitbull” based on some of the things that my ex-husband was doing. I certainly got a pitbull, but what I didn’t know at the time was that I was getting a pitbull with a heart. He is a brilliant lawyer and strategist, for sure, but he also has a true sense of ethics, and he is an extremely compassionate person. His stellar reputation is what drew me to his office in the first place, and he still managed to exceed my expectations. There were so many times I would send out texts to friends or family at 1AM when I was still lying awake worried about this whole process and the antics of my ex-husband, and they would respond with “Trust Paris. If he isn’t worried you shouldn’t be. And if he is worried, he’s going to do more about it than you ever could. Trust Paris.” And that became my mantra – TRUST PARIS. I would say it almost daily, and it brought me a tremendous sense of calm and peace when I needed it most. The bottom line is that divorce, especially one where children are involved, is a terrifying, exhausting process. Everyone will give you advice and their opinion on what they would do, but you need an expert in the field in order to ease some of the anxiety and trust that you are getting a fair and reasonable settlement. I was able to trust Paris because of his ethics and strength of conviction, and I ended up with a more than favorable divorce settlement because of his legal expertise and knowledge, skills in the courtroom, his long range strategy, and the commitment he has to his clients. I am certainly not the only one with the utmost respect for Paris. Every time we were in court, Paris was greeted by lawyers, clerks, and other prominent members of the community who clearly held him in high esteem. I am ever grateful to Paris and everyone in his office."- Charlene

Very knowledgeable and effective

"I worked with Paris and his firm for my divorce. My ex was extremely litigious and Paris did a great job protecting me and bringing about the most positive and expeditious conclusion possible."- Anonymous

Truly Commendable

"After learning of my husband’s Adultery in 2015, I went to see Paris Eliades to discuss a divorce. As this was a difficult time for me, Paris expressed his sympathy and was very patient with me, listening to my situation and hardships. Even though I was disoriented and emotional throughout the process, it was a relief knowing Mr. Eliades, a well-known attorney, was representing me during these difficult times. As a human being it was difficult not to react to every issue that arose during my divorce. Keeping it simple and educating me on The Family Law, Paris guided me the whole way, giving me the confidence I needed to get through it. After a lengthy legal battle, Paris providing me with his superb legal skills that eventually ended my divorce in success. With his encouragement and legal advice, I stand now a more powerful, smarter woman than I once was two years ago. During my experience with the legal system I have to say, I am touched by how considerate Mr. Eliades was of my time and money spent, advising me to only react to what was important. Unlike some other lawyers, Mr. Eliades does not just see every client as a dollar sign; Paris takes the time to listen to your case and pays attention to detail. Paris knows when he sees a noble person with good morals in front of him that deserves fair legal treatment. He is a family man, a very professional gentleman, and to me…like family. Paris kept me focused with my head held high remembering that the importance in life is to not let the negativity alter us or carry us backwards as some may try to do. He kept my best interests at heart and cared for me as a person…not just a client. Paris’s staff is just as professional as he is, showing the same dedication and warmth. I would highly recommend Mr. Paris Eliades to all friends, family, and anyone else that is in need of reliable legal advice."- Vera

Divorce Trail

"I hired Mr. Eliades as my Divorce Trial Attorney that concluded with a Final Judgment of Divorce ruling. We spent a great deal of time together throughout a very lengthy process (4 years) that included witness testimony, employability experts, child custody experts and countless motions. Throughout the process Mr. Eliades handled the court and my concerns as one would expect from an experienced attorney. A Divorce Trial should be avoided at all cost, but when that isn’t possible Mr. Eliades is an attorney I would recommend, especially when the final ruling will impact the rest of my life."- Patrick

We always use Paris!

"Paris took care of my husbands divorce from his first wife. After that he has been dealing with all the custody issues i.e. visitation , child support, and so many more battles he has with his ex. Paris will tell you what you can expect and is very blunt about things. He will not tell you he can do something if its not practical. I would tell anyone to use Sparta Family Law (Paris)"- Client

Extremely Honest & Experienced

"I came to see Mr. Eliades in August of 2012. He sat with me and gave me an honest game plan for my divorce. He was honest enough to tell me the truth and what he can and can’t do. He quoted me a price and told me to think about my divorce and what he said. I then decided to go with an attorney in Hudson County. The attorney I choose quoted me a lesser amount of money and told me by December 2012 – I should be divorced. It is now July 2013 and my attorney has not done anything close to what he promised. The money I thought I was saving is now going to my so-called cheaper attorney who extorts me every chance he gets. He quoted me a low figure to get my business and then ripped me off. I wish I would have chosen Mr. Eliades. I would have been divorced by now. Next month in August we are set to go to trial. Mr. Eliades had told me my case doesn’t require anything more than settlement. Mr. Eliades told me that anything else is a waste of money for both me & the wife. The attorney I have is not allowing this case to settle. He misses appointments, doesn’t call back my wife’s attorney and can’t seem to settle this case."- Sam

Strong recommendation

"Mr. Eliades exemplifies the term “Counselor at Law”. Atypical for his field, Mr. Eliades understands how to best represent his client’s interests while managing expectations. He is a fierce defender of his clients, while always taking the higher ground and without succumbing to the drama prevalent in so many matrimonial suits. His methodology of practice had earned him the respect and trust of each court that he appears before and he is known as a true representative of the facts. I have worked with many attorneys in a variety of instances, Mr. Eliades represents and upholds a standard that is unparalleled."- Donna

Exceptional Attorney

"This is one of the most exceptional attorneys that I have worked with. He is compassionate and truly listens. His writing is somewhat of an art, the way he expresses himself on motions is unlike any other attorney I have hired. I would strong recommend Paris without hesitation to anyone needing help on any type of family matter, whether it be custody, alimony, child support or just an enforcement of any issue."- Client