Practice Areas

Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC has years of experience serving Sparta, Sussex County, and all of New Jersey with quality legal services that established the esteemed reputation we celebrate today. Our firm focuses on divorce and family law matters. We pride ourselves on the personalized attention and availability we offer clients that ease their stress while we provide effective representation and counsel. Through our compassion, we are able to guide clients through their options and lead them to the best possible conclusion to their legal matter. If you need a firm with your best interests in mind, contact Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC.


When a marriage is not working and couples have irreconcilable differences, they might inquire about a divorce or separation. Divorce and separation issues can be complicated and emotional ordeals and having the right representation with your best interests in mind is always recommended.  Picking the right attorney can mean the difference between a short and painless divorce and an emotionally-driven court battle.

Child and Parenting Issues

At Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC, we are committed to New Jersey families. Our compassionate firm understands that issues related to children and parenting may be very emotional for those involved. Everyone wants what is best for the child, but that does not always mean that parties agree on what that means. Child custody, visitation, and relocation are just some of the topics that parents need to address after a divorce and those factors can be too much for some.

Family Law Issues

The attorneys of Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC provide skilled and experienced representation to clients throughout Sussex County and New Jersey in family law matters. We understand that the outcome of these matters will frame your personal life and your relationship with your children far into the future. We take that responsibility seriously and work tenaciously to protect your interests throughout the course of your family law case. If you are facing another family law matter, we recommend that you act to protect yourself and your interests by contacting a skilled lawyer.

Family Law Mediation

When divorcing couples seek the dissolution of marriage through the legal system, it is not uncommon for serious disagreements on family law matters to quickly complicate the entire process. Fortunately, some are able to work together to come to an amicable conclusion for their matter that lessens the negative impact on the whole family. When families use mediation, the outcome is usually cordial and always more cost-effective than a court case.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative law is a growing movement in divorce options. People are learning about the benefits of avoiding litigation and turning to Collaborative Divorce as an alternative. Collaborative Divorce is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution where a couple works together to come to an agreement on the marital issues left unresolved. Once complete, they will be left with a Separation Agreement that can be used to file for divorce. Especially when a family is at stake, cooperation has never been more important.