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Affected even more than the people who are actually getting divorced are the children of the divorcing couple. One of the biggest reasons that children feel the harshest impacts of their parents’ divorce is because their life is changing dramatically and they don’t have any control over the situation. No matter the age of the child, they will experience the consequences of divorce in different ways. Some children are relieved when their parents get divorced but others have a really hard time accepting their new reality.

Parents never want to see their children in pain, especially when they are the cause of that emotional turmoil. There are ways that you can try and ease the stress that your children face when you are getting a divorce. It may be beneficial for the parent with primary custody of the children to be awarded the house during equitable distribution so the children don’t have to move away and leave friends behind. This can help them maintain a sense of normalcy when everything else in their life is changing. In addition, if you are getting a divorce through mediation, it may be beneficial for the children to attend one of the mediation sessions so they can voice their concerns and have a safe space to ask questions. It may also help if you try to maintain a cordial relationship with the child’s other parent to show them that they should not have to choose sides. It is important for you to encourage your child to maintain a strong relationship with both parents, regardless of how you feel about the other parent.

There are many ways for you to provide your child with support during your divorce. If it becomes necessary, you may want to consider retaining professional services to assist your child with their emotional stress. Contact an experienced divorce and family law attorney who can help you in this situation.

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