Since divorce proceedings are used to also decide on marital issues, there are many issues that need to be solved. These marital issues can include child custody, child support, alimony and more. With these issues, many factors are considered to come up with an outcome that fits the situation best. Since the circumstances can change in the future, there is an opportunity to get modifications made after the initial decision is made. These post-judgment modifications can be made due to a variety of reasons. A spouse can file a motion with the court to enter into a case with their former spouse. This can help to reach a resolution that is more appropriate for the current situation.

Alimony modifications

Alimony is decided upon divorce according to the length of the marriage and other factors. It may come to the court’s attention that one spouse has become very successful and has earned more money as they have continued on in their life. This may lead the court to alter the current state of child support or alimony. Other factors such as illness, death or unemployment can also cause a modification to previously made decisions.

Child custody and support

Child custody can also be adjusted depending on the situation that the child is in. If a parent has noticed negative changes in a child’s behavior or school performance, they may realize it is due to their time with their previous spouse. This can lead them to get the court back involved in the matter to decide what is in the best interest of the child. Since these are court-ordered arrangements, they are legally binding, meaning that parents must follow the guidelines that are set forth. You can file a post-judgment motion to enforce your right of acquiring the court-ordered demands. The court then has options regarding how they should handle the case. They may find the opposing party in contempt of court since they are not following court orders.

In New Jersey, there is no official end to child support. When a child is considered emancipated from their parents, then child support may end. However, this can be different for each child depending on the case. If a child decides to attend college, they may need continuing financial support. A court can decide if a parent is legally obligated to provide child support for higher education.

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