Many parents who have been paying child support for years begin to wonder when they can stop making these payments. The law in New Jersey has recently changed as of January 2016, but does not go into effect until next year. Starting on February 1, 2017, parents are obligated to continue making child support payments until the child has turned 23 years old, but only if that child is a full time student or is disabled. Before the change in this law, both child support and medical support payments were allowed to cease when the child turned 19 years old.

In the event that you have a child that is between the ages of 19 and 22 years old before July 1, 2017, the child support will be terminated on August 1, 2017. You will be informed of this change in letter form by February 1, 2017, the day that the new law goes into place. Depending on your individual situation, your child support payments may be terminated at a different time that has been agreed upon separately. You also may be eligible to request a change in the amount of money that you pay in child support each month.

It is important to be aware of changes in child support payment laws when they apply to you so you don’t get into trouble with the court because you neglected to make payments after your child’s 19th birthday. If you have any further questions regarding your child support situation, please contact an experienced family law attorney who can provide you with strong legal counsel. Paris P. Eliades Law Firm, LLC offers free consultations for your child support and other family law matters.

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