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If you require help navigating the child custody process, please read on, then contact an experienced Sparta child support attorney to learn what not to do in a child custody case in New Jersey.

What are disqualifying behaviors in a New Jersey child custody case?

A host of factors will play into a Family Court judge’s decision in regards to custody. To get a better understanding of the most likely considerations, you should reach out to one of our skilled Sparta, NJ children and parenting issues attorneys to discuss your next steps. But for now, the following are some of the actions you should not take if you are hoping to be deemed a fit parent in New Jersey’s Family Court. You should not:

  • Engage in criminal behavior, especially if there are children present
  • Use illegal drugs, especially if there are children present
  • Abuse your child or significant other
  • Host an unsafe living environment
  • Withhold the child from his or her other legal parent, siblings or extended family
  • Disrupt or discontinue the children’s education or community involvement
  • Neglect the daily physical, emotional, developmental, educational and special needs of the child
  • Create conflict and/or refuse to cooperate with the other parent

How can these behaviors impact your child custody case in New Jersey?

Garden State judges decide on custody by factoring in the child’s age, gender, characteristics and background. It is his or her top priority to see that the child ends up in a safe and nurturing home, as free from harm as possible. Taking any of the above-listed actions can illustrate to the judge that the parent does not have the ability to meet the child’s needs. To him or her, you may have demonstrated that you will not be able to feed, clothe and shelter the child or that you will place the best interests of the child above and before your own. As such, you may be deemed an unfit parent.

How can a Sussex County family law attorney help you?

The Garden State considers family ties sacrosanct. Consequently, its courts are reluctant to summarily strip a parent of his or her parental rights without ample cause. As such, you may still have cause for hope. However, you will need to put your best face forward, preferably starting by engaging the services of a skilled Sussex County family law attorney. Your legal representative can draft the necessary paperwork as well as collect and present the evidence needed to prove you are a fit parent. Small mistakes can cost you dearly, so do not go it alone. Give us a call today.

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