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Some clients will come in and tell us that their ex-spouse or the parent of their child has gotten remarried. They often times wonder whether or not that new spouse is responsible for contributing to the child support payments that the parent has to make. The simple answer to that is no, if both parties both have an income the new spouse is not responsible for making any child support payments. However, the more complicated answer is that if the new spouse is financially supporting the parent of the child, they may have to accept that as part of their financial responsibility.

Of course, this is not completely set in stone because everyone’s situation is entirely different. You will likely have to speak with an experienced family law attorney to determine what the protocol should be. If an agreement cannot be made or the other parent refuses to pay child support, you may have to return to court and have a judge make the final ruling. Child custody and child support payments are an important part of any divorce and can be further complicated by the introduction of a third party. Some parents do not want their child around the new person in their former spouse’s life and therefore, further conflicts may arise.

If you are concerned about your former spouse’s new marriage in terms of the child custody agreement, you should seek legal counsel with an experienced family law attorney who can assess what your next steps should be.

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