When dealing with matters of divorce and family law in New Jersey, the court will issue an order when arrangements are made. This order is the law and therefore is required to be followed. In the event that a spouse does not cooperate with the order and chooses to ignore it, the order can be enforced. Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced New Jersey attorney for assistance during this time.

When is a Court Order Violated?

There are many different types of court orders that can be violated in the state of New Jersey. This may be for matters such as child custody, child support, visitation, alimony payments, and equitable distribution of property. These can be violated when one party fails to keep up their end of the agreement. This may be the case in the event of the following:

  • The child’s other parent is not following a visitation plan
  • Child support or alimony payments are not being made
  • The former spouse is disobeying court orders regarding the division of property
  • Penalties for contempt of court/Being accused of contempt of court

How is a Court Order Enforced?

It is possible to try and handle a situation where one party is not in agreement with their court order on your own. This can include discussion with the other party and giving them the opportunity to do better. However, when those attempts fail, a judge can be used to enforce a court order. In order to do so in the state of New Jersey, you must file a motion known as an Order Enforcing Litigant’s Rights. If they still choose to not comply with the court order, the individual can be held in contempt of court. In some cases, they can be arrested if there are no other options left. If your former spouse is failing to follow a court order, be sure to retain the services of an experienced attorney who can assist you during this time.

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