During a divorce, many decisions are made to determine the future of a couple’s marital issues. Once these decisions are reached, they can be approved by the court so that they are deemed the law. This means they must be followed, otherwise, the court can enforce them. However, the court understands that divorce and family law situations can change post-judgment. In some cases, these situations can call for changes to be made to a divorce settlement. It is because of this that modifications can be made so that the arrangement better suits the circumstances. When seeking a post-judgment modification, it can be beneficial to retain the services of an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney

What Can be Modified?

In New Jersey, modifications can be made to the different divorce and family law settlements after the proceedings are finalized. This can include the following matters

  • Child Custody: When changes occur in either a parent or child’s life and their current custody agreement no longer works, it can be adjusted. 
  • Child Support: When a child support paying parent’s financial situation changes, an increase or decrease in the payment amount can be requested.
  • Spousal Support: When either party experiences life or financial changes, an increase, decrease, or termination of the payments can be requested.

Why May a Modification be Needed?

When a modification is requested, the petitioning party is required to prove that the change occurring in their life is significant and ongoing. The following are various reasons that may call for a post-judgment modification:

  • A child no longer needs child support payments
  • The child is in college and financial responsibility must be determined
  • Either party begins cohabitating with another person and no longer needs support payments from their former spouse
  • If there are changes in the child’s schedule, a former spouse’s custody terms, parenting time, and visitation schedule may need to be adjusted
  • If either party receives a promotion, demotion, loses their job, becomes disabled, etc., 
  • If either party exposes their child to domestic violence, substance abuse, a serious mental illness, etc., it may call for a custody modification

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