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Divorce procedures can be some of the most stressful legal processes, and for good reason. During separation, a previously amiable couple will find themselves burdened by exhaustion over life disruption, grief for the relationship ending, and concern for the effects of the end of the relationship on any children they may have. During this emotionally turbulent time, your ex-spouses may throw out a false accusation. This can be especially problematic if your ex-spouse accuses you of behaving abusively or illegally. In that case, you need to speak to your lawyer right away, so that they can start working to mitigate the harm of the accusation. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do if you’re facing false allegations in your divorce and contact a Sussex County divorce and separation attorney who can help you review your options and guide you through the difficult decisions you may be making.

Why Do People Make False Allegations?

False accusations can happen in divorce given the already fever-pitch of everyone’s emotions. Child custody proceedings, property division, and spousal support are all topics both ex-spouses are likely to have strong feelings about. These feelings can in turn become competitive, and people may try to get the upper hand in negotiations however they can. Others may feel angry, hurt, or bitter, mostly intending to, in turn, hurt their ex-spouse with the accusation.

False accusations often center around adultery or hiding assets. During custody and visitation negotiations, an ex-spouse may falsely accuse you of domestic violence or child abuse. Grave accusations like these need to be discussed promptly with your lawyer.

How Can My Lawyer Push Back on False Accusations During My Divorce?

Fortunately, your lawyer should have several options to fight back on your behalf. For instance, if your ex has accused you of domestic violence, child abuse, or substance abuse without this being true, then they may have unwittingly given you a powerful way to counterattack. After your lawyer proves the accusations against you are false, it will be easier for you to argue before the Family Part of the New Jersey Superior Court that your ex was acting in profoundly bad faith. Your lawyer may use this to try to reduce your spouse’s custodial rights by pointing out that this kind of lapse in judgment evinces someone who may not seriously care for their child’s best interests.

If you have any further questions or are facing false allegations in your divorce, contact our legal team today. We are here to fight for you, every step of the way.