When a couple wants to put their marriage on hold but don’t necessarily want to go through a divorce, they may choose to become legally separated instead. Separation agreements can include many of the same aspects that may be found in a divorce. The separation agreement is simply a drafted document that both parties sign when they choose to become separated. Included in this document may be certain factors such as child support, a child custody agreement, spousal support, and the division of any marital assets or debts.

When a separation agreement is created, it must be signed and notarized to show that both parties have had a say in drafting the agreement and both agree upon the terms and conditions involved. Even though you aren’t getting a true divorce and are only obtaining a legal separation, it is a good idea to have an experienced divorce and family law attorney who can make sure that you are not being taken advantage of when the separation agreement is made.

Legal separation is a good option for those who aren’t entirely sure whether or not this is truly the end of their marriage or if there is any room for future reconciliation. Others choose to become legally separated instead of divorced because of religious reasons or because they want to keep their medical insurance benefits. Putting an end to a marriage in any way, whether it be via divorce or through legal separation, is a major life decision and it is important to have the appropriate legal representation to walk you through whichever process you may choose. Contact a divorce or separation attorney today if you have questions about what options are best for you.

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