Child support is often one of the most contentious aspects of divorce. Rather unsurprisingly, once divorces are finalized, most people seek to put it all behind them and start anew. However, life changes, and in the months or years following your divorce, you may find that your financial situation has changed as well, warranting an updated set of child support terms. Fortunately, New Jersey courts allow you to update these terms, however, you must first read on and reach out to our compassionate firm to learn more about the process going forward:

How do New Jersey courts calculate terms of child support?

The primary goal of child support payments is to ensure your child feels the financial impact of your divorce as little as possible. Therefore, the courts will consider several factors. They will analyze both you, your former spouse, and your child’s situation and come up with new child support terms from there. They may consider the following:

  • Your child’s age and whether he or she has any special needs
  • Both you and your spouse’s age and health
  • Whether your child will attend university or pursue higher education
  • The number of children living in your household
  • The child custody agreement in place

Why would a parent request a child support modification?

Several different scenarios have granted parents child support modifications in the past; some of which are as follows:

  • One parent has seen an increase or decrease in yearly income
  • One parent has either lost their job, or, on the flip side, received a promotion
  • The supporting parent has recently been injured or has developed a medical condition resulting in hefty bills
  • The federal income tax law has changed
  • One of the parents has recently lost their home
  • One of the parents remarried and no longer requires child support from the other parent

How can an attorney help me modify the terms of my child support?

An attorney will assist you in filing a motion with the courts, where you will request a change in your child support terms. A knowledgeable attorney will help you gather all the necessary evidence to prove you do indeed need this modification. If approved, you will obtain the desired outcome and will no longer have to worry about the financial well-being of your child.

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