divorce mediator

Though divorce may seem as simple as signing a paper to end your marriage legally, the process is much more involved. In many instances, couples will have disagreements regarding how both parties want to divide assets and child custody. A divorce mediator is a third party who provides an unbiased look into your circumstances to help achieve the best outcome for each person. Utilizing our Sparta family law mediation attorneys can help you avoid a lengthy court case.

What Role Does a Divorce Mediator Play?

As previously mentioned, a divorce mediator acts as an unbiased third party when you and your partner are undergoing disagreements. They will facilitate communication between both parties to foster a calm and helpful conversation.

The main goal of the mediator is to settle disputes quickly and effectively so that both parties feel represented and respected. They can also provide a wealth of knowledge about any circumstances that could change the outcome of your settlement.

Unlike presenting your case before a judge, a divorce mediator allows you to create a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding your inability to settle with your partner. This means the mediator can design a plan tailored to the needs of you, your spouse, and your children, rather than a standard plan a judge who has only heard the surface-level issues can provide.

What Can I Expect During the Process?

Though divorce mediation may seem intimidating, the process is more straightforward than attempting to navigate a divorce on your own or in front of a judge.

Generally, you and your spouse will meet with the divorce mediator at their office, providing a neutral location for both parties. The professional will then explain the rules regarding the process, which help set a level playing field for you and your spouse. Similarly, they will discuss the confidentiality guidelines, so you know what can be shared.

Next, you and your spouse will engage in open dialogue to discuss the issues you’ve faced while trying to settle on the terms of your divorce. However, if one or both parties are unable to remain calm or control their emotions, the mediator will separate you and your spouse to hold private conversations. If private discussions are necessary, the mediator will converse with both parties about the demands and compromises the other has suggested.

Generally, mediators will be able to reach an agreement between both spouses. Should it remain unsolved, they will recommend another session. If the mediator can foster an arrangement, they will have both you and your spouse sign a document agreeing to the terms.

Deciding if the Process Is Right for You

Generally, divorce mediation is an ideal alternative for couples looking to settle divorce claims quickly and easily. You’ll save money on a lengthy court battle and reduce the stress associated with traveling to a courtroom or navigating divorce on your own. You will also find that you are more likely to feel satisfied with the terms of your agreement, as you helped create them.

If you and your spouse are struggling to agree on the terms of your divorce, you’ll want to reach out to our seasoned legal team today to help lessen the burden separation can place on your family.