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When parents with children get divorced, things can get complicated. Unfortunately, some parents will manipulate their children in order to turn them against the other parent. This is referred to as parental alienation. In order to achieve this, the parent may put ideas into the child’s head about negative feelings toward their other parent. If children are at a young age, they may not know any better and may listen to their parent. This can cause a strain in the children’s relationship with both parents. Often, children assume that whatever their parents tell them is true, especially in the midst of a big, stressful change like a divorce. As a result, the child’s behavior around the targeted parent may change. They may start to act aggressive, distant, or get upset when in this parent’s presence. If these negative behaviors arise, this may be the cause of parental alienation on behalf of your ex-spouse. Additionally, parental alienation can cause long-term negative effects. For example, children who are victims of parental alienation may be more likely to develop depression and/or substance abuse problems. As a result, it is important to stop this behavior as soon as possible. Read on to learn more about parental alienation in New Jersey. 

How Does a New Jersey Court Handle Parental Alienation?

The topic of parental alienation can be highly controversial since it is not considered a valid medical disorder. Due to the fact that it is not medically a proven disorder, it can be hard to use as a defense in court. However, judges may recognize this form of abuse if the marriage between two individuals was especially toxic and displayed a dramatic ending. If the events leading up to the divorce proceedings or the proceedings themselves prove to show signs that parental alienation is a possibility, judges may consider parental alienation as a factor in the behavioral changes. As a result, they may alter your custody arrangement, giving the guilty parent less time with the child, or supervised visits. 

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