There are many outside factors that can influence divorce proceedings. When different couples experience the same influences, trends can start to arise in divorces. It is important for anyone to be aware of these, as they can impact a person at any stage of a potential divorce. This may be when filing, during a divorce, or even after the proceedings are over. Continue reading below to learn more and retain the services of an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney to discuss your case. 

Social Media Impact

With the rise of social media over the years has become the ability to look into the lives of others more deeply and frequently than before. This has shown an impact on divorce proceedings, as people can follow the life of their former spouse. In doing so, there are many cases in which people use the information placed on social media to modify their marital arrangements after the fact. An example can include alimony payments if a former spouse retires or cohabits with someone else. 

Alternatives to Litigation

Many spouses wish to avoid going through litigation. This often leads them to search for alternative dispute resolutions. Examples can include mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce. These processes exist in order to allow spouses to come to conclusions regarding their marital issues through productive discussions rather than the hostile environment of trial. Often times, they save time as well as money.

Divorce Age

Over time, more people over the age of 50 have found themselves in situations of divorce. This has earned the term “gray divorces.” These divorces present different complications than divorces at a younger age, as these individuals have fewer working years ahead of them. This can make it difficult to make up for financial setbacks due to divorce proceedings. In addition to this, estate matters are also impacted. This is because new medical directives and powers of attorney need to be appointed in addition to redoing beneficiaries to certain accounts.

Shared Parenting Time

In the past, decisions regarding child custody were often in the mother’s favor. This has changed over time to today, as two-income families have become more common in today’s day and age. This has made shared parenting time arrangements more common as well. 

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