When you are getting a divorce, the emotional and personal differences you and your spouse have are very often augmented while you continue to live with one another. When you and your spouse are enduring the divorce process, which is very often long and grueling, you may feel it is simply impossible to continue cohabitating. When this happens, it makes your daily life extremely difficult, especially if you have children who you do not want to see you and your spouse fighting. If you wish you could just get away from your spouse during this period of time, you are certainly not alone. However, this can sometimes seriously impact the terms of your divorce, so you must keep this in mind and speak with an attorney before doing so. If you are considering leaving your home, please read on to learn more. 

What are some valid reasons to leave a home during a divorce? 

There are many reasons why an individual going through a divorce would want to leave the family home, ranging from complex emotional issues, financial considerations, and unfortunately, concerns over violence and abuse. That being said, leaving the marital home before a divorce settlement has been reached can very seriously complicate certain matters, especially that of a final child custody agreement.

Unless you feel as though you or your children are in physical danger, it is highly recommended that you speak with our experienced Bergen County divorce attorneys before leaving your marital home in order to better understand the implications doing so may have on your divorce and its related issues, allowing you to make a much more informed and legally sound decision.

However, if you believe you must leave, you may consider doing the following first:

  • Get a new PO Box. This can help ensure you receive all your personal mail privately and discreetly
  • Keep track of your valuables. Take pictures and make lists of your valuables. Doing so will prevent your spouse from either misrepresenting or hiding/stealing your things
  • Make copies and gather documents. All financial information, like deeds, mortgages, tax returns, business documents, are all proof of a major asset or expense
  • Open up new financial accounts and establish your own credit, if you have not already

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