What is a Case Information Statement and How do I Complete It?

  • The purpose of the Case Information Statement, which we call a CIS, is to provide an overview of your entire financial situation.
  • The first section usually deals with your personal information
  • The next section of the form deals with your income and the income of your spouse.
  • The next section encompasses your shelter expenses, whether you rent a home or whether you are a homeowner and those costs associated with your shelter.
  • Following that is what is called your Schedule C. That is your personal expenses or budget section.
  • The asset section includes your home, your bank accounts, your IRA’s, your pension plans, any other assets, any collections that you might have, any businesses that you or your spouse might own.
  • Then following that section is your liabilities. That is your outgoing debts every month. Do you have a mortgage payment, a car payment, or perhaps credit card payments?
  • Your spouse will also have to complete one.