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Sometimes a marriage ends and it is difficult to agree on how to move forward. Who gets the house, who gets custody of the kids, and so many other things could be up for debate. This kind of divorce is referred to as a contested divorce, and it can often take a lot of work to untangle one and get a final agreement ironed out. If you are struggling to negotiate and you want help fighting for the best possible outcome, a Sparta, NJ contested divorce attorney from our firm can help you.

What Needs to Be Settled in a Contested Divorce?

A divorce could be contested for all sorts of reasons, but certain issues tend to come up often. We often see disagreements about:

  • What happens to the family home
  • Who gets the car
  • Who gets other properties, like vacation homes
  • How joint bank accounts are split up
  • Who gets child custody
  • Visitation rights
  • Child support
  • Alimony

Any of these topics can be a sticking point that causes negotiations to break down.

Does a Contested Divorce Take Longer?

A contested divorce is going to take longer. How much longer depends on which issues you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on. If there are just one or two things to go over, a contested divorce might not go on for that long. If you and your spouse can barely handle talking to one another, you are probably in for a long haul.

Can You Use Mediation and Other Methods in a Contested Divorce?

You can opt for methods other than litigation in a contested divorce. If you and your spouse seem to have hit a wall as far as negotiations are concerned, going to a mediator is one option. A neutral third party will help you negotiate with each other and reach agreements that are acceptable to both of you.

There is also arbitration, which acts a bit like a sped-up trial. You and your spouse can both make your cases and then an arbitrator decides what seems fair. It is important to remember that these decisions are legally binding though.

If you do go to court, a judge will decide on any outstanding issues. Maybe you and your spouse are fine with leaving a problem or two for the courts to solve, but if you do not want the court to make a final decision then you must make an effort to forge an agreement before things get to that point.

Reach Out to Our Divorce Lawyers

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