The divorce process is used to make decisions for the couple going through it. They can make these decisions themselves in mediation or have a judge resolve their issues in court. This process can be time-consuming since they will have to make many decisions regarding their life after their marriage. Right now, their lives are joined together through marriage. After they become divorced, they will need to have decisions in place that decide on what possessions they own as an individual. They must also decide on matters involving the children. This can include child support and child custody arrangements. These issues can be particularly sensitive due to the bond between a parent and child. Parents want the best for their children. They do not want to be separated from their child since they want to be highly involved in their life. In order to decide on custody matters, they may have to enter litigation if they cannot make decisions in mediation. If they are given legal custody of their child, they are still able to be involved in making major decisions in the child’s life. With legal custody, they are able to make important decisions for the child. These decisions can include the child’s education, practiced religion and so much more.

Does legal custody allow me to make decisions for relocation matters?

As a parent with legal custody of their child, you are entitled to make decisions for them, which includes the relocation of your child. These decisions can be in relation to their education, medical treatment, religion and much more. The relocation of your child is another decision that you should be included in since it is an important decision in your child’s life. If you believe this relocation will have negative effects on your child, you should speak up. If you do not want your relationship with your child to be affected, you may also be entitled to present this reasoning. The courts do not want to disrupt the child custody arrangement that is in place. If one parent is trying to move across the country with the child, this can cause the relationship between the child and the other parent to be greatly affected. Judges will take into account all factors to make a final decision for the case.

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