Our firm understands the heartbreak and uncertainty that the divorce process can have on those going through it. Unfortunately, many people let their emotions get the best of them, and when they do, they make unwise decisions that hurt them in the long run. When going through a divorce, the most important thing you can do is to stay strong and keep a good mindset, no matter how challenging it gets.

However, we know that this is not easy to do day in and day out, especially when your spouse is not agreeable and does not truly want to settle your divorce in a civilized fashion. This is why you must be the bigger person. Do not play your ex-spouse’s games by falling into his or her traps. The court values those who take the high road, especially if you are fighting for child custody. After all, judges seem to always favor the level-headed, collected parent, as opposed to the angry, flustered parent.

This means that as long as you keep this, and a few other things in mind, with the help of a skilled attorney, your divorce should go as smoothly as possible. Give our firm a call today to speak with a skilled Sussex County, Sparta divorce and separation attorney.

Can social media be used against me in my divorce?

Absolutely. All social media posts, text messages, emails, and more can be used as evidence. Because of this, it is important to resist the urge to inform your Facebook friends how much you dislike your spouse. You will have plenty of time to express yourself once the divorce is over. Additionally, if you acquire the urge to text your former spouse something negative, you will want to think twice. Imagine you had to read the words you wrote and sent in a heat-of-the-moment text in front of a jury.

Furthermore, if you recently treated yourself to a fancy vacation, do not post about it. If you are requesting alimony payments, it is likely that the courts will not show you sympathy when you’re out and about having fun.

Also, you will want to hold off on posting anything about new relationships before your divorce is finalized. Your spouse may accuse you of having an affair in court, which could ultimately hurt you in the long run, even if it is false.

Typically, it is best practice to avoid social media entirely until everything is settled. You would be surprised how many people unwittingly set themselves up for failure by posting what they thought was entirely insignificant.

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