When two or more parties are having a disagreement, there are a number of ways to solve the problem. Some people immediately want to run to court and litigate the dispute. Today though, there are more options. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a popular method of coming to a peaceful end to the issue.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is most popular when a couple wants to obtain a divorce or when two people involved in business together are having an issue with each other. Since we are a divorce and family law firm, we will discuss ADR in regards to divorce. There are a few different methods of ADR that a couple can choose from.One of the most common forms of ADR is mediation. Mediation requires both people to come together and talk through their problems in a conference room setting with the help of an experienced mediator. They can discuss the factors involved with divorce including child custody and equitable distribution in a much more peaceful manner. Some of the other types of Alternative Dispute Resolution are arbitration and collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is similar to mediation, in which both parties are working together to come to a solution that pleases everyone.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is generally less expensive than dealing with a litigated dispute in court. In addition, the process takes less time and allows the parties involved to have control over what decisions are made. At the end of the process, both parties usually walk away with a better relationship than they would have if the issues were dealt with in court.

If you are contemplating your options for divorce, you may want to consider Alternative Dispute Resolution instead of a traditional, litigated divorce. However, ADR is not for everyone. If the couple can not stand to be in the same room with each other, perhaps a litigated divorce is your best option. It all depends on the parties involved. Talk with an experienced divorce and family law attorney who can answer any questions you may have about your specific circumstances.

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