Child support is an important part of the planning for marital issues. When spouses are raising children, they may need the help of the other spouse to pay for the child’s expenses. This support can range from when the child is a young toddler, preteen or teenager. This support system is needed for children to be properly fed and nourished. It is also needed to provide money for clothes and other items they may need. In New Jersey, the age for child support to end has moved to 19 years old. However, this is not set in stone for all cases. When a child wishes to attend a college or university, they can still be supported through child support payments. They may be given child support until the age of 23 years old. This can help them receive financial support while they are getting their education. Although some parents may approach this topic with one another to sort out who pays what, other parents need the court to intervene in these situations. In either case, children should get the payment they are entitled to. Financial support can be a big part of their education. Without the support financially, they may be unable to attend a place of higher education.

How are child support payments decided on?

During the divorce process, child support payments are decided on in mediation or in court by a judge. In mediation sessions, spouses are encouraged to be honest with one another about their finances to see how much they can provide financially for the child. At this time, they should be honest about finances to ensure a just decision is made. New Jersey judges review a variety of factors to ensure that child support payments are being made fairly. These factors can include a range of aspects that are considered to ensure that the child is taken care of properly by being provided for. These factors include the financial status of each parent, each party’s work history and each party’s earning capacity. They consider the income, debt and assets of each parent to determine their financial worth. The judge also can estimate how much each parent can provide for the child financially at this time. Later on, modifications can be made if a parent loses their job or if another factor somehow directly affects their ability to support the child financially.

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