The Department of Child and Family Services in New Jersey serves to make sure that all children within the state are being properly cared for in safe environments. In the event that someone tips off the DCF that a household is neglectful towards the children that live there, they will pay a visit to the home and may end up taking the children with them to be placed in temporary foster care. This is a nightmare for many parents and they fear that their children will never be under their care again. However, with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, you may be able to bring your children home.

If your children are removed from your home, you will have the burden of proof to convince child protective services that you are providing suitable care in a safe home environment for your children. A lot of parents believe that their children were taken away from them falsely and want to hire an attorney to prove this in order to get their kids back. Some of the evidence that you may be accountable for providing to the Department of Child and Family Services can include a home inspection, statements of income, and a number of other options.

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