child paper parents

There are millions of children throughout the country who have been placed in foster care due to the lack of a suitable guardian. Organizations such as the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) want to do what they can to protect children from unsafe living situations. Their mission is generally to provide children who came from a place with a bad home life and put them into a better temporary situation with the hopes that they may find a permanent and adequate living situations. Though the mission is generally good, there are many flaws that make it feared by children within the system.

Unfortunately, some foster parents do not sign up for the right reasons. There are some situations in which the foster homes are not thoroughly investigated by the DYFS which has the potential to compromise the safety of the children that are placed there. There are many situations in which the foster children are neglected in the form of physical or sexual abuse, malnourishment, or unsafe living conditions.

If any signs of neglect are reported to DYFS and they fail to do conduct a proper investigation of these reports, you may be able to bring a case against them. It is their job to ensure the safety of each and every  child in their system and they may be held accountable in the event that neglect is found.

Our firm takes these cases very seriously and wants to ensure the safety of all children in the foster care system. It is important that if you become aware of a situation in which a foster home is neglecting the defenseless children it is supposed to be caring for that you contact an experienced DYFS attorney. This can make a huge difference in the quality of life for a child who does not deserve to be neglected.

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