The spread of the Coronavirus led New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to mandate stay-at-home orders for all residents. This included social distancing and the closure of all non-essential businesses throughout the state. This has caused life to change on a daily basis, including a potential job and income loss for many. During a time of a difficult economy and stay-at-home orders, it can be difficult to find a new job, thus impacting a person’s financial situation. This can result in many people having a hard time keeping up with the alimony or child support payments they may owe.

Individuals facing these situations should know that they are required to make these payments as long as the court requires them to. They can only be terminated with a formal order or agreement from the court. However, parents and former spouses do have another option. Instead of defying the court order, they can instead ask the court for a modification of their payments. This can allow an adjustment to be made to the frequency of the payments or their amount in order to better suit their new financial situation. The options that are available to an individual can vary depending on their circumstances, which is why it is ideal to speak with an attorney to understand what can be done. 

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