Many couples who are considering getting a divorce, especially those with children, really consider time of year as a factor in when the divorce will take place. With the upcoming holiday season, fewer divorces will take place simply because they want to try to keep it together for the sake of their families. Divorce is a very emotional and turbulent time for many families and no one really wants to deal with that at a time when everyone is supposed to be spending time with family. Parents who want to get divorced also have a tendency to try and avoid interfering with their child’s academic career.

As a result, divorce rates have a tendency to spike in March and August. These are times without any major holidays and family vacations are starting to wrap up before the new school year. It is important for you to consider how your divorce will affect your children and you may want to think about holding off on starting the divorce process until a time that better suits everyone. Of course, these are all just trends and the choice is ultimately yours. Either way, if you are considering getting a divorce from your spouse, it would be beneficial for you to consult with an experienced divorce and family law attorney who can assist you in putting together a case.

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