Your divorce decree is a document that marks the legal end of your marriage. The divorce decree may include useful information, such as your case number, details about the divorce, the official date of the divorce, and more. Like all important legal documents, it is important to keep a copy. However, if you have lost your divorce decree, you can still obtain a copy. Read on to learn more.

Do I need to keep a copy of my divorce decree?

Your divorce decree may be necessary for a number of instances. One of the most common situations that may require a divorce decree is changing your last name. Many people take their partner’s last name when they get married. After a divorce, you may wish to go back to your maiden name. In order to do so, you will have to go through a New Jersey court. During this process, you may have to provide proof of why you want to change your name. For example, some people attempt to change their names for fraudulent purposes. Your divorce decree can provide evidence for your name change. Once you legally change your name, you will need to update all your documents, such as your passport, your driver’s license, your credit cards, etc. You may also need your divorce decree for this process.

You may also need access to your divorce decree when refinancing your home, and importantly, for remarriage. If you decide to remarry after your divorce, you will need your divorce decree. This is because it is illegal to be married to more than one person at a time in New Jersey. In order to apply for your new marriage license, you will need your divorce decree as proof that your previous marriage has been legally terminated.

What if I lost my divorce decree?

New Jersey divorce decrees are available through the Superior Court of New Jersey Records Center.

If you have any questions or concerns about your divorce decree or obtaining another copy, reach out to our firm. We are here to walk you through the process.

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