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No matter what you do, your divorce is likely to cause some kind of stress for your children. You can work to make the experience less traumatic for them though. There is no easy solution, but this advice from our Sparta divorce attorneys can help you approach the subject with your kids and give them the support that they need.

What Should I Talk to My Children About During the Divorce?

Kids can pick up on way more than we give them credit for. You cannot simply ignore the divorce and think that they are not going to be concerned about what is going on, especially if it means that one parent is no longer around like they used to be. You should talk to the kids about what is happening and you should:

  • Be direct about what is happening
  • Let them know about how the divorce might change things, like their routines and schedules
  • Make sure that they know that none of this is their fault
  • Answer any questions that they have

If your child needs to express a thought or emotion, be supportive of them. Never be dismissive just because they are kids and you think that they cannot possibly understand everything that is happening.

How Can I Help My Children Adapt to Any Changes?

Even if the divorce goes off without a hitch and minimal emotional distress is caused, there is still going to be some adapting to do. Some things are going to change, and that is not always easy for kids to deal with. You need to be supportive of your kids when a new, post-divorce arrangement takes over. We recommend:

Being supportive when they are spending time with another parent: It can be tough to let your kids go for a weekend of visitation, but be sure that you are encouraging them to have a good time. Your kids should have a relationship with their other parent and they should not feel as if you have a problem with them spending some time away.

Considering therapy: Therapy can be helpful for every member of your family during or after a divorce. You can do family sessions, individual sessions, or a mixture.

Staying involved: Whether you are a custodial parent or not, make it clear to your children that being a part of their lives is still a top priority for you.

What Should I Avoid During My Divorce?

There are also a few things that you should avoid doing before or after your divorce. Make sure that you do not:

  • Speak poorly of your ex in front of the kids
  • Interfere with the other parent’s visitation rights
  • Use a child as a go-between to deliver messages to the other parent
  • Neglect your own mental health

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