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When you work out a parenting time schedule, you have an expectation that your ex will follow it. If they refuse to comply with it and continue to make unwanted changes to the schedules of you and your child, you need to address it. A Sparta, NJ child visitation attorney can help you do that.

What Can Be Considered a Violation of the Parenting Time Schedule?

There are many ways that a parent can violate the parenting time schedule. Actions that often have to be addressed include:

  • Taking the kids without notice when it is not their visitation day
  • Repeatedly being late for pickup or dropoff
  • Concealing the child from you
  • Trying to turn your child against you
  • Taking children out of state without permission or notice
  • Making legal decisions without your input

Essentially, if your ex is doing something that interferes with your parenting time or something that could affect your relationship with your child, that needs to be dealt with.

What Should Be My First Step if My Ex Violates the Parenting Time Schedule?

In some cases, there could just be a misunderstanding. Trying to talk things out with your ex is always the first step we recommend. Maybe they just need to be encouraged to keep a closer eye on the clock, or perhaps they just need to be reminded that random trips are not allowed under your current custody agreement.

If your ex does not respond favorably to a chat, you may need to go to mediation or even court. In mediation, adjustments can be made to the parenting time schedule if needed. Your ex can also be warned about behavior that can be seen as a violation of that schedule.

What Can the Courts Do?

Generally, the courts do not get involved if violations of the parenting time schedule are minor or occasional. However, if the violations are frequent or serious enough you can file a motion to address them in court. A judge can review the facts and decide to:

  • Find your ex in contempt of court
  • Modify the custody agreement
  • Give you more time with your children
  • Require pickups and dropoffs to be at a public place
  • Compel your ex to pay you for extra childcare costs incurred

In some cases, depending on the frequency and severity of the parenting time schedule violations, your ex could even face penalties like community service and jail time.

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